Protected Driving Tips – Employing Your Mobile Telephone Whilst on the Highway

Unless you drive for a living, or invest most of your time in your vehicle, then you really don’t have to devote a great deal of cash. The majority of folks can get buy using 2 basic components – a car phone holder combined using a bluetooth headset. Cell phone holders for your automobile are among the hottest selling cell phone accessories on the web today. The type of vehicle you drive, be it a sports car, mini-van or truck can be a determining factor on what type of car bracket will fit your requirements.

Some states, California being one of them, have laws in place that prohibit using whatever needs to be adhered to the inside of the windshield. Including radar sensors, GPS units – and you guessed it – auto phone holders. I’m pretty certain this law was passed to prevent people from using their radar sensors – I could be wrong about this (but I am probably not). In these regions the Air Vent Phone Holder or Cigarette Lighter Holder Are Extremely popular. An Air Vent holder attaches to the slats or louvres in your vents. They hook via two clips and are held steady with a stabilizer leg.

Another accessory you will want is a headset for your phone. This can be either a wirelessBluetooth headset or a not as costly wired headset. To be honest – with all the competition out there now, Bluetooth headphones have come way down in price. If you’ll only use it in your car then I recommend you spend no more that $25 – $30 to get a new one. You can find used ones cheaper on eBay – but who wants to stick something in their ear which has been in somebody else’s ear? Not me. Not wanting to sound biased – but the best bluetooth headsets I’ve used ( and I’ve used them all ) are the Motorola branded ones. magnetic cell phone holder at the”H” series will probably get the job done really well. People will scream”What about the Jawbone” and my response could be”What about it?” I’ll stop there. Well, perhaps I won’t. I have experienced the Jawbone – and it’s a fantastic headset – but in my honest opinion I feel that Motorola generates some of the finest cans available.

In the end, what we are attempting to do is the ability to create a call, take a call and end a call – all without having to grab your phone, or taking your eyes away from the road. Having an iPhone holder for your vehicle, you do not need to worry about it sliding across the console or outside the seat and onto the ground. When the call is finished – simply press the button in your ear and the phone is ended.

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