Long Coated German Shepherd Puppies Are Tough to Discover

The long coated German Shepherd isn’t considered show standard from the American Kennel Club and, consequently, is not permitted to compete in domestic competitions. The owners of the very long coated German Shepherds could care less if their dogs win trophies because they already have determined that they have the best puppies around Earth. A long coated German Shepherd is absolutely beautiful to behold and includes a much sweeter character then their short haired cousins.

They also have a tendency to be more comical then that the shorthaired variety that really endears them to the general public. They’re excellent at help work, make excellent working dogs and perform very nicely with police function. The long coated German Shepherd makes a great pet and they adore children. Only ten percent of German Shepherd pups would be the long coated variety which makes them difficult to find.

The aspects of a long coated German Shepherd’s hair really are that it’s very silky and soft and will part along the trunk. They have rounded bushy tails and large fluffy pantaloons with fringes along the back of their legs. Puppies may be identified as a long coated German Shepherd in case it has ear fringe or tufts.

Extended coated German Shepherds also do not have undercoats, so, they are not waterproof and also make them undesirable for breed standards. Long handled German Shepherds also do not shed more then it’s shorthaired counterpart, nor does it have a distinctive odor. These are two rumors which have passed through the German Shepherd household and both should be considered false.

It has a sweet character, is smart and works very hard when asked to. jaleco does good police work and can be tender with assistance work and are very much a working dog.

These puppies are also very funny in the way that only dogs could be funny. Just because the American Kennel Club is not accepting of those dogs doesn’t mean the public needs to be against possessing them. They are the top dogs and no one needs a trophy to tell them accordingly. Just because they do not have an undercoat and aren’t waterproof should not really make a difference when choosing a dog. So when visiting your next German Shepherd puppy litter, start looking for the puppies who have hair tufts in their own ears and fringes on their thighs and that is the dog for you.

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