Kinds of Satellites

Satellites fall into 5 principal types – research satellites, communication satellites, weather condition satellites, navigational satellites, and also application satellites. The very first interaction satellite was Echo 1, introduced in 1960. Relay 1 and also telstar 1 were the initial active communications satellites.

Weather condition satellites, likewise called atmospheric satellites, give constant, updated info regarding massive atmospheric conditions such as cloud cover as well as temperature level accounts. Tiros 1 was initial weather satellite. Other climate satellites include geostationary operational ecological satellites (GOES) that send out weather information and also images throughout the United States, China, Japan and India.

azamerica of satellites are scientific satellites, observation satellites, stationary planet satellites and also business geosynchronous satellites. Scientific satellites are made use of to check the earth and its area. Observation satellites aid to observe the various functions of the planet’s surface. Monitoring satellites are also made use of for the surveying and mapping of the planet’s surface area. Fixed earth satellites aid in telecasting programs. Syncom 3 was the very first stationary earth satellite. It was introduced in 1964.

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